Meet Miss Ashli!

Ashli Christoval, is a celebrated early childhood music educator, vocalist and songwriter, and founder of Leaping Lizards Music. She works closely with young children and trains educators, using music as a powerful tool for development. 

When she’s not teaching or writing, Ashli is touring with her band, Jazzy Ash and the Leaping Lizards, a jazz band for young audiences. Together they have produced four albums and have been featured by NPR, LA Times, and Sprout Network.

A little background...

Miss Ashli grew up dually influenced by the music from her father’s Trinidadian culture and her mother strong roots in New Orleans. Her mother is an early childhood educator who set the example of using Music as a primary tool for learning. After having two children of her own, Miss Ashli set out to develop an interactive music program that would tap into the potential of education through music. Miss Ashli enchants children (and grownups!) through original music, storytelling, call response techniques, and the traditions of cultures around the world. 

Miss Ashli has 16 years of experience in early childhood education and 20 years experience in performing arts. She attended the highly acclaimed Orange County High School of the Arts. She is a professionally trained singer and actor and hold a degree in child development from Saddleback College.  She is raising her two sons, Ellington and Lincoln, in sunny Southern California.